The INDEED project developed a practical tool to help to plan and conduct evidence-based evaluation. It can be used at all stages of the implementation of PVE/CVE and De-radicalisation initiatives. The tool offers detailed information and step-by-step instructions for planning and conducting evaluation, including those of limited scope. The tool is built on the Evidence-Based Evaluation Model developed by INDEED.

Target groups:

  • First-line practitioners;
  • Policymakers;
  • Researchers;
  • Professionals with no or limited expertise in evaluation;
  • Professional evaluators;
  • All interested or working in the field of designing and evaluating PVE/CVE/De-Radicalisation initiatives.

The tool is currently in the development phase and will be released for testing and validation in October. In turn, at the end of November, it will be available on the project website as a component of the INDEED Toolkit. Its final version will be available in multiple languages in August 2024.

Practitioners and policymakers working in the field interested in testing or validating the tool can contact the INDEED project manager: for more details.