In its first year, INDEED developed a digital repository of studies on risk and protective factors which can be accessed here. The repository, which is the first of its kind, provides an overview of the research literature on factors which may facilitate (risk factors) or prevent (protective factors) processes of radicalization. The repository includes a total number of 162 primary studies, and will be updated regularly. It offers multiple search filters which enable users efficiently navigate the database, and to view research findings for specific (categories of) risk and protective factors, as well as for individual countries, populations, ideological strains and radicalization outcomes.

The repository aims to facilitate the efficient mapping of empirical studies which are often difficult to find and access. It offers not only a useful device for researchers but also a relevant tool for decision makers/policy makers and first-line practitioners which can support the process of designing, planning, implementing and evaluating P/CVE and de-radicalisation initiatives. The tool is one element of the INDEED toolkit which aims to facilitate the uptake of evidence-based evaluation in the field of P/CVE and de-radicalization.