On the 30th and 31st August 2022 in Helsinki, the EVIDENCE BASED EVALUATION MODEL (EBEM) Co-design Workshop was organised. The aim of the EBEM Co-design Workshop was to present practical approaches to evaluation, analyse existing models for evidence-based evaluation in the contexts of P/CVE, DE and Crime Prevention and develop components for the model by utilizing the “co-design approach”.

The event included:

  • 3 keynote speeches of strategic stakeholders,
  • 1 keynote speech of practitioner in the field,
  • Presentation of the INDEED project – its assumptions and planned results,
  • First findings regarding evidence-based approaches to evaluation coming from the literature and research in P/CVE, De-radicalisation and other disciplines;
  • SMART Hubs concept of co-creation of the project by practitioners and policymakers from and outside the consortium.