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The Counter Extremism Project (CEP) and GLOBSEC invite INDEED to the “Mapping Violent Right-Wing Extremist Groups – Who’s Who In Bulgaria And Hungary” webinar discussing violent right-wing extremist groups in Bulgaria and Hungary, including their financial networks.

The presence of violent right-wing extremist groups in Central Europe is not a new phenomenon. However, in recent years, these movements have become increasingly vocal, active, engaged, and violent. The global COVID-19 pandemic as well as the war in Ukraine have added additional themes to their ideological messages, or ‘alternative narratives’, as some right-wing movements choose to label them.

In addition, the transformation of some of these movements into full-fledged political parties have led to some electoral successes. More importantly, some of these parties’ radical messaging have now entered the political mainstream. All Central European countries are experiencing similar developments in this regard, despite their historical, national, and cultural differences.

This webinar is a first of a two-part series on Central European extreme right-wing movements and will give an overview of the current situation in Bulgaria and Hungary. 

To participate in this webinar please register via this link: