Deliverable 8.2 Data Management Plan

The Data Management Plan (DMP) identifiesand describesalldata used in the project and explains how thisdata complieswith the existing suitable standards. The document also defines how the data canbe shared and whatprocedures are needed for a long-term data preservation.Therefore, the purpose of this Deliverable D8.2 is to provide aplan and guidancefor managing the data generated and collected during the entire lifetime of the INDEED project. The INDEED Data Management Plan will cover both confidential and public data to be produced within the project and appropriate processes for both types of data will be defined. In addition, theDeliverable D8.2 addresses issues partiallydescribed in D6.1 Gender, Ethical, Socialand Legal Guidelinesfor the project’sresearch activities andGender, Legal, Socialand Ethical Checklistfor activity assessmentand D9.1 H -Requirement No. 1.

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