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On 15-16 November 2022, INDEED is invited to take part in the RAN LOCAL – Pulse taking: What are local effects of recent developments in P/CVE? in Helsinki. During the meeting the University of Helsinki will introduce the objectives and activities of the INDEED project.

Background and aim of the meeting

How do the current and emerging geo-political developments and social transformations change extremism as it’s being experienced by local and regional coordinators? The developments taking place at the national, European, or even global level can lead to big social, economic, and ecological challenges that play out on the local level and impact the work of local and regional P/CVE coordinators. Climate change, energy transition, migration, inflation, poverty, and issues around trust in authorities are some examples of the current developments that might influence the breeding ground for polarisation, extremism and political violence. Therefore, it is important to remain fully aware of the new developments and their potential impacts on the local communities and the processes of radicalisation.

For this meeting, we will invite local and regional P/CVE coordinators to take stock of what they see happening today that could have polarising effects on the local community and/or add to the breeding ground for radicalisation. Participants will discuss these developments and exchange ideas about the degree to which these developments may define their P/CVE agenda in the near future. Participants will also discuss what is needed for local authorities to be able to react to the current developments and deal with the potential consequences in their cities and communities.