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The first face to face INDEED Practitioner’s Workshop “GAP ANALYSIS OF EVALUATION PRACTICES IN PVE/CVE/DE-RADICALISATION” will be held on 27th-29th April 2022 in Athens. The host of the event is the Hellenic Police.

The Workshop aims at bringing together practitioners and policy makers from across the EU to determine ways for strengthening evidence-based practices in the field of PVE/CVE/De-radicalisation and crime prevention. Specifically, the Workshop will discuss:

  1. The advantages and limitations of different types of PVE/CVE/ De-radicalisation initiatives (e.g., policies and strategies, long term programmes, short term actions, ad-hoc interventions);
  2. How these PVE/CVE/ De-radicalisation initiatives are evaluated;
  3. What practitioners think the ideal outcome of evaluations of PVE/CVE/ and De-radicalisation initiatives should look like;
  4. The reasons for the absence/non-implementation of evaluations as well as highlight stakeholder’s needs.

The results of the Workshop will feed into the INDEED’s development of an evidence-based evaluation model aimed at strengthening evidence-based practice in the field of PVE/CVE/ De-radicalisation.

The Workshop will:

  • Build insights into the advantages and limitations of current approaches to PVE/CVE/De-radicalisation initiatives.
  • Map out how these PVE /CVE/De-radicalisation approaches are evaluated.
  • Map out what practitioners think the ideal outcome of the implemented PVE/CVE/ and De-radicalisation initiatives should look like.
  • Highlight the reasons for the absence/non-implementation of evaluations and to practically engage with stakeholders to know their needs, obstacles/challenges, and what would they need to be able to do it.
  • Build a knowledge foundation to feed into other WPs, particularly the e- Guidebook developed in WP3, and Training Toolkit developed in WP5.

The success of the INDEED project will be, to a great part, down to the productive engagement with end-users/ stakeholders. Therefore, the Practitioner Workshop is designed to, not only benefit the project, but also be a useful and positive experience for the participant. The event will give practitioners an opportunity to share their expertise, learn from other participants responsible for activities in the field, and highlight their evaluation needs and requirements.

A total of about 30 practitioners will take part in the event, including those from the consortium and external ones invited to participate.