Deliverable 1.2 Report outlining identified, analysed and recommended research approaches, methods and tools forevidence-based evaluation coming from the area of PVE/CVE and De-radicalisation and other selected disciplines

This report aims to prepare the ground for the development of an evidence-based approach to evaluation in the field of PVE/CVE and De-radicalisation(P/CVE/DeRad). The report carries out three key tasks. First, it provides a multi-disciplinary review of the literature surrounding the term “evidence-based practice” (EBP) which seeks to generate a better understanding of the term’s usage as well as challenges for itspractical application in different disciplines. Second, it undertakes a multi-disciplinary review of evaluation designs which outlines their key strengths and weaknesses, as well as their usage within the field of P/CVE/DeRad. Finally, the report introduces the term evidence-based evaluation (EBE) as“a process ofplanning and implementing evaluations which integrates available external evidence, professional expertiseand stakeholdervalues, preferences and circumstances”. This approach, the report suggests, does not only represent an application of EBP in the field of evaluation, but also a potential catalyst for the uptake of EBP (in P/CVE/DeRadand beyond) insofar as it promises to promotethe usage of robust evaluation designs as well as the principles of EBP.

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